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Our major products are Needle Roller bearings, Cylindrical Roller Bearings, Rod stop Bearings, Spherical simple bearings, Track roller Bearings for Guideway, Roller Bearings, Merge Bearings for forklifts, H2o Pump Bearings, SNR Automobile Bearings and all kinds of Spherical Bearings. Retaining in brain that good support is the essential to cooperating with customers, we strive to meet substantial good quality standards, provide aggressive prices and ensure prompt shipping. We examine each and every piece of bearing by ourselves prior to shipping. Foods quality Fda Proved EPT EPT/silicone hose


Size Diameter (mm) Thickness Density
ID OD StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd Smallest
.8*1.8 .8 one.8 plusmn0.1 .five .38 one.eighteen plusmn0.02
1.*two. 1. plusmn0.two 2. plusmn0.two .5 .38 one.18 plusmn0.02
1.2*2.2 one.2 plusmn0.two two.two plusmn0.2 .five .38 one.18 plusmn0.02
one.5*2.5 1.5 .four/-.2 2.five .4/-.2 .5 .38 1.eighteen plusmn0.02
two.*three. 2. .4/-.2 3. .four/-.two .five .38 1.eighteen plusmn0.02
2.five*3.5 two.five .four/-.two 3.five .four/-.two .5 .38 1.18 plusmn0.02
3.*4. three. .4/-.three four. .4/-.3 .5 .38 one.18 plusmn0.02
three.5*4.five 3.five .4/-.three 4.5 .four/-.3 .5 .38 one.eighteen plusmn0.02
4.*five. four. .5/-.4 5. .five/-.four .5 .38 one.eighteen plusmn0.02
4.5*five.five 4.five .five/-.four five.five .five/-.4 .five .38 one.18 plusmn0.02
five.*six. five. .5/-.four six. .five/-.4 .five .38 1.eighteen plusmn0.02
6.*7. six. one./-.five 7. one./-.5 .five .38 one.eighteen plusmn0.02
seven.*eight.four 7. one./-.5 eight.four one./-.five .7 .56 1.eighteen plusmn0.02
8.*9.4 8. 1./-.five nine.four 1./-.five .8 .fifty six one.eighteen plusmn0.02
9.*10.six nine. one./-.five 10.6 one./-.five .8 .68 1.eighteen plusmn0.02
ten*eleven.6 ten. 1./-.5 eleven.6 1./-.5 .8 .sixty eight one.18 plusmn0.02
eleven.*13. 11. 1./-.5 13. one./-.5 1. .89 1.eighteen plusmn0.02
twelve.*14. twelve. 1./-.five 14. 1./-.five one. .89 one.18 plusmn0.02
thirteen.*15. thirteen. 1./-.five fifteen. one./-.5 one. .89 one.eighteen plusmn0.02
fourteen.*16. fourteen. one./-.5 16. 1./-.five one. .89 1.eighteen plusmn0.02
15.*17. fifteen. 1./-.5 seventeen. 1./-.5 one. .89 1.eighteen plusmn0.02
sixteen.*eighteen. 16. one./-.5 18. 1./-.5 1. .89 1.eighteen plusmn0.02
seventeen.*19. seventeen. 1./-.six 19. 1./-.6 one. .89 1.eighteen plusmn0.02
eighteen.*20. eighteen. 1./-.six 20. one./-.six 1. .89 one.eighteen plusmn0.02
19.*22. 19. 1./-.6 22. 1./-.6 one.five one.35 one.18 plusmn0.02
twenty.*23. 20. one./-.six 23. 1./-.six one.5 1.35 1.eighteen plusmn0.02

ID: .4mm~80mm
ID tolerances: StXiHu (West EPT) Dis.Hu (West EPT) Dis.rd: plusmn .1mm, also obtainable: plusmn .05mm
People and Logos EPT printed on the surface area on ask for

We exEPTTd into the producer of a range of rubber extrusion profiles and rubber mould content articles, rubber tube, rubber wire, seals, gaskets, vulcanize joining ring gasket with extrusion, vent sealing gasket,plastic pipe gasket, iron ductile pipe gasket, sewer pipe gasket, grooved couplig gasket, lighting gasket. We serve a varied cliEPTTle from the HVAC to sanitary, from construction to lighting, from EPTT to EPTTry…

EPT extrusion profile: rubber reliable extrusion, co-extrusion, rubber sponge extrusion, Viton extrusion, EPTDM extrusion, silicone extrusion, NBR extrusion, neoprene extrusion, SBR extrusion… sealing profile application for developing, development, HVAC, EPTT, lighting, sanitary and maritime.
EPT fitting gasket: Injection jointed, very hot vulcanize jointed

Vent sealing gasket, twine ring gasket, chimney flue gasket, sewer pipe gasket, manhole pipe gasket, iron pipe gasket, concrete pipe gasket, grooved coupling gasket
Viton and EPT items: Viton twine, Viton profile, Viton hose, silicone solid extrusion, silicone sponge extrusion, platinum curing EPT tubing, peroXiHu (West EPT) silicone tubing, silicone profiles, gasket, seals, moulding, washer, stopper, damper and so on.

EPTed rubber: EPT Seal, Bellow, washer, LED lighting gasket, bumper, buffer, anti-vibration damper, rubber grommet, coupling gasket, rubber-steel bonded, Viton O-ring, and so on.

Tubing and wire: Viton cord, Viton profile, Viton hose, EPT tubing, Neoprene tubing, EPTDM tubing, NBR tubing,, NR tubing, rubber cord, silicone cord, sponge wire and so forth.

  in Kuwait City Kuwait  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Food Grade FDA Proved Rubber Silicone Tube Silicone Hose manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler