TV-F fluid coupling



The type TV-F fluid coupling is a constant-filled coupling used in armored face conveyors, transfer conveyors and crusher drives. Centrifugal valves control the filling and draining of the working circuit of the coupling and thus the power transmission. The motor starts up almost load-free, even in the event of a voltage drop. The coupling torque is released shock-free and continuously, until the required breakaway torque of the system is built up. This permits overloaded driven machines to be started up. The driven machine starts extremely gently, and the increase in torque is dependent upon the load. The coupling also protects the drive against overload and dampens torsional vibration, protecting your system and increasing its productivity.

Additionally, Voith offers fluid couplings with water as the operating medium (type TWV..F).This is critical when operations are located in potentially explosive atmospheres. Furthermore, spheroidal cast iron outer casings (type TUV..F) are available and meet the required material specifications.


  • Load-free motor run-up
  • Smooth startup of driven machine
  • Drive overload protection
  • Dampens torsional vibration in the drive
  • Automatic reaction to voltage drops and motor protection
  • Protects system components, thereby increasing service life
  • Robust and unsusceptible to environmental influences
  • Wear-free power transmission; less maintenance and repair work
  • Automatic load sharing in multi-motor drives protects against motor overload
  • Sequential startup of the motors reduces the load on the supply circuit

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